Polish adaptation of the Revised Cheek and Buss Shyness Scale and a significance of shyness in the context of personality traits and metatraits

Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie
Studia Psychologiczne 2016;54(3):1–17
Publish date: 2016-06-30
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Objectives The aim of current study is to prepare the polish adaptation of the Revised Cheek and Buss Shyness Scale and to analyze relations between shyness, loneliness and personality traits. Material and methods The study was conducted using Internet research platform, in which total of N = 314 adults participated and completed a set of self-report measures. Results Owing to comparison of a set of confirmatory factor analyses models we demonstrated that the structure of the scale in Polish adaptation is unidimensional. According to research assumptions, shyness was mostly correlated with loneliness and introversion, moreover shyness was strongly negatively related to Plasticity and weakly but also negatively with Stability. In addition, individuals not engaged in romantic relationship scored significantly higher in shyness and loneliness, and lower in extraversion, openness, and Plasticity than individuals engaged in unformalized relationship. Conclusions Obtained results allow to conclude that shyness is a personality trait, which significantly affects the behavior by limiting the possibilities to adapt to changing environmental conditions.
Maria Magdalena Kwiatkowska   
Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie, Dwernickiego, 11, 05-075 Warszawa-Wesoła, Polska