The input of affect and rational factor in risk judgment and risk attractiveness in stimulative and instrumental risk situations

SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny
Studia Psychologiczne 2015;53(1):47–61
Publication date: 2016-02-18
The goal of the research was to verify the relative input of affect and analytical reasoning into judgment of risk and attractiveness of stimulating and instrumental activities. Stimulating and instrumental activities are related to pleasure and to achieving goals (necessity), respectively. The distinction steams either from characteristics of the action or from individual differences in perception of risks. If analytical reasoning is less pronounced in judgments about stimulating risks, one might expect that such judgments steam from comparative evaluations of different aspects of options rather than from holistic evaluations of these options. It was also expected that the significant input of affect into judgments about risk and attractiveness of stimulating activities would result in the inverse relation between these evaluations. In the experiment, 201 participants rated gambling and a mortgage on 12 of adjective scales. Next they judged risk and attractiveness of well defined gambles and mortgages. To access information needed for judgments they had to open boxes on the information board. It was confirmed that gambling was perceived as a stimulating risk and information about gambles was acquired along dimensions. In contrast, mortgage was perceived as instrumental and information was preferentially acquired along one options. The inverse relation between rates of risk and attractiveness was found neither for gambles nor for mortages.
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